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Your windows are the first port of call for sunlight in your home. It’s great to increase the amount of warmth and sunlight your home receives. At Shutter Me Beautiful, we can provide and create bespoke wooden shutters in Cheshire for your home.

Our variety of styles are ideal for homes, shops and offices. Combining the subtlety of a carefully designed product with the need for warmth and privacy is what our wooden shutters do so well.

What do we offer?

Whichever style you choose, the team here at Shutter Me Beautiful make sure you receive a made to measure service, from the first call – to the final installation.

Café style shutters

Café style shutters are stunning – reminiscent of old Parisian cafes and bars – giving a timelessly classy look to any room you choose to have them fitted in. Perhaps you have a room in which light is important – but you still need some privacy?

The Café Style Shutter is one of our most popular choices for homes as it merges privacy and natural light all in one. Here’s why it’s a great fit for your home:

  • Illuminate your room: The Café style only covers half of the window space, which allows for natural light to brighten any room while retaining the attractive feel of a wooden shutter at the bottom.
  • Ground floor privacy: If you’re living on the ground floor or you want to add an air of exclusivity to your interiors, Cafe shutters are ideal. They will increase your privacy with ease without compromising on style.

Plantation shutters

Plantation shutters are sometimes also called ‘Colonial shutters’ – but by whichever name they’re referred, they always look incredible, whether they’re fitted to a modern new-build – or the Georgian era windows for which they were originally designed.

Plantation shutters span the full height of your window and are generally broken into 2 or more panels on either side of the window, meaning they fold back on themselves neatly, letting all the sunlight in.

As is true of all Shutter Me Beautiful’s range, your plantation shutters come with the slats that suit you – from smaller slats designed to shut out the most light – to striking larger width slats that are ideal for increasing privacy.

Tier on tier shutters

Tier on tier shutters have all the style of a plantation shutter – but with a little more versatility.

Rather than panels than stand the full height of your window, a tier on tier design breaks the window into two – meaning the upper shutters can be fully retracted to leave a café shutter style effect on the bottom of your window – while letting light in at the top.

When it’s a summer’s day you can throw both tiers open and enjoy the sunshine – but when it’s time to cosy up in the evening, you can close both and shut the world out.

Full height shutters

While similar in design to plantation shutters, a full height shutter can span any distance you wish – even doors and floor to ceiling window casements. When you’re covering larger areas, shutters become a real feature in the room – which is why so many people love the bespoke design service we offer at Shutter Me Beautiful.

Whether you’d like something simple – or something more extravagant to add to your room, we can work with you to design, supply and install the perfect full height shutters for you.

Solid panel shutters

If you’re looking for a real statement – and some serious privacy – we supply and install solid panel shutters that are a perfect fit.

Although they’re inspired by Georgian and Victorian era properties, solid panel shutters look stunning in any style of home. What’s more, it’s not just stunning looks that you’ll get when you order solid panel shutters from us, you get an extra layer of real high quality wood that helps you lock the heat in – and the noise out.

Express shutters

You’ll struggle to find ‘express’ shutters anywhere else – that’s because it’s not a style – but a promise from the team here.

If the shutters you choose match with the configuration of shutters in our portfolio – there’s a strong chance we’ll be able supply them more quickly than a more personalised design. The great news is, you still get our exceptional level of service – and they’re still made to measure for your home – we’re just able to turn some designs around quicker than others!

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