Beautiful shutters made affordable

We’ve passed the halfway stage in the year. The downward slope to Christmas has begun. There’s no time like the present to get prepared for the cold winter than by installing a beautiful set of plantation shutters in Manchester from our team at Shutter Me Beautiful.

Your property will benefit from the homely nature of these shutters that don’t just look or function with a quality and style, but highlight every room they are in. Our plantation shutters at Shutter Me Beautiful combine a classic look and quality crafted style that will define your windows immediately.

A stylish addition

Perhaps you’re looking to overhaul the style of your house?

There’s nothing quite like shutters to add a touch of class to look of your home – whether you’re admiring it from the inside or out.

At Shutter Me Beautiful we truly believe there’s no one perfect design for a house – which is why we go to a great deal of effort to make sure the shutters you opt for are absolutely perfect for you and your home.

Don’t settle for the ‘off the shelf’ solutions you’ll find elsewhere – with Shutter Me Beautiful you’ll always get made to measure, bespoke shutters that are created just for you.

Safe and secure

If you’re looking to add security to your home, a set of bespoke shutters fitted by our expert tradesmen will do exactly that.

Security is almost always about perception – if your house looks secure then it’s extremely unlikely that anyone will put that to the test. Shutters add exactly that, another layer that will put off anyone with criminal intentions.

But it’s not only the people outside your house that it’s important to think about. Shutters have no dangling cords that pose a threat to young ones at home – meaning you can rest easy knowing that your shutters are completely safe – as well as being stunning to look at.

Control the light

With shutters you can tailor the amount of light that’s coming into your room so it’s absolutely perfect for you.

On cold winter evenings you can shut the dark and rainy nights out – but equally, if it’s a lovely sunny summer’s evening, you can adjust them let the light flood in.

Shutters never obstruct your windows either – so when there’s a warm summer breeze blowing you can swing them fully open and enjoy the fresh air too!

Get your orders in now for Christmas so that our expert service can fit and design your bespoke shutters in time. Crafted with your every requirement in mind, we’re passionate about creating the perfect set of shutters for your home.

Energy efficiency

By adding another layer to your windows you’ll improve the energy efficiency of your home – trapping cold air out and making sure the warm air stays where it should.

It’s not just the chilly wind that’s kept out either – shutters can help to reduce the noise outside your home, meaning greater privacy and increased peace and quiet where you deserve it the most.

The Shutter Me Beautiful service guarantee

We promise to create the perfect shutters for you. Whether that’s changing the size of the slats to create a varied look in certain rooms of your home or choosing a colour that befits the nature of each space in your home, we can do it for you.

It’s not just the workmanship that we promise will be exceptional either – when you talk to us about creating the perfect shutters for you, we promise an absolutely pressure and obligation free experience. We know that if we offer the highest levels of customer service possible – we’ll have another happy Shutter Me Beautiful customer who’ll recommend us to someone else further down the line.

Select our team for your plantation shutters in Manchester and ensure you have them fitted by Christmas. To find out more, get in touch with our helpful team today.

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