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The summer is just around the corner, so guiding as much natural light into your home is important. Our team at Shutter Me Beautiful are dedicated to creating plantation shutters in Stockport to your requirements.

What are Plantation Shutters?

Its timeless style is identified by the mechanically closing wooden slats to give you more freedom or privacy whenever you need it. Our team at Shutter Me Beautiful believe it’s a perfect addition to your home, no matter where you place them.

Whether it’s your master bedroom, the kitchen or an office, adding plantation shutters to your rooms can make a world of difference. The natural light, the views and the gorgeous style of our plantation shutters are a great investment.

The authentic feel you will instantly get when you step foot inside your home when you open and shut our plantation shutters is like no other. We will discuss with you the dimensions you need and the space of the slats you require for each room.

Smaller slats will let less light into the room, while larger slats will improve the privacy for overlooked rooms in your home. Our team will be able to help you choose the right shutter for you if plantation shutters don’t appeal to you.

The Benefits of Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters don’t just look good though, there are a number of benefits when you compare them to curtains or blinds:

Timeless style

There’s no look quite the same as having made to measure plantation shutters in your room. Shutters have been a firm favourite since Georgian times when they were used to close of notoriously drafty single glazed wooden windows.

Since then, they’ve become quite the style icon – offering a high-end feel to any room they’re fitted in, and that feel is accentuated when your shutters are expertly fitted by our experienced tradesmen. Shutters supplied and installed by us fit your windows perfectly, adding to that decadent feel.

Warm and secure

It’s easy to forget about the insulating properties of shutters when you’re focused on how good they look – but all our customers find that bespoke shutters add to the energy efficiency of their home.

The reason is simple – our shutters are made from natural wood – so they provide an exceptionally good layer of insulation when they’re closed, locking the warm air in your room. Not only that, but an extra layer of high quality wood helps prevent noise from outside too – keeping your home as peaceful as possible.

The perfect level of light

Have you ever hung curtains or installed blinds to find that they don’t quite keep all the light out? Or when they’re closed, it’s just too dark in your room?

To discover our full range at Shutter Me Beautiful, get in touch with us today.

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