Beautiful shutters made affordable

Your home is unique – which means choosing window coverings can be a bit of a gamble; will curtains shut out enough light? Which type of blinds be in keeping with the room?

With shutters, transforming any room in your home doesn’t have to be a gamble. Our full height shutters – professionally installed over your windows or doors – mean you can effortlessly control levels of natural light in your room.

The perfect amount of light for you

Want a good night’s sleep or a cosy night in with a film? No problem – shutting out the light is done in the blink of an eye. Or perhaps you’d prefer to take advantage of a bright sunny day? Simply adjust to let sunlight stream in through the blinds – or even better, retract them fully so your room is flooded with invigorating sunlight.

The team here at Shutter Me Beautiful can walk you through a huge number of options and designs that would complement your home. If you’re struggling for inspiration, we’d be delighted to show you examples of where we’ve installed full height shutters in Cheshire.

The perfect shutters for you

Our full height shutters do exactly what they say. They’re great for using on full-length windows in town houses and more. When you’re looking to change your interiors with something symmetrical and gorgeous, choose our full height shutters in Cheshire.

Whether you’ve got a new build home and you’d like to add some timeless style – or enormous old Georgian windows that you’d like to divide with some cleverly designed shutters, whatever your requirement, we can help. We only install made-to-measure shutters – meaning your dream interior can become a reality.

Our customers almost always recommend us to their friends or family – and that’s because we take the time to listen – then offer a series of designs that will perfectly fit your requirements. No pressure, no jargon and no hidden costs – the only thing you’ll struggle with is which of the beautiful designs you’ll opt for!

We’ve supplied and installed thousands of full height shutters in Cheshire – we know there’s no one size that fits all our customer’s requirements. We always take time to understand you, your home and your requirements.

When you’re looking to change your interiors with something timeless, symmetrical and gorgeous, choose our full height shutters in Cheshire.

Reasons to choose full height shutters for your home:

  • Style – There are very few home improvements that you can make that have the sheer impact of full height shutters. Shutters are guaranteed to ‘wow’ – and can transform even the most dull windows into beautiful features that completely change the look of your home!
  • Safety – Shutters provide security and safety to both the inside and the outside of your home. When closed, they serve as an excellent deterrent for anyone who’s got untoward intentions. What’s more, shutters are absolutely perfect for family homes – since there are none of the dangerous hanging leads and pulleys that you can expect with blinds.
  • Efficiency – Whether you’re hoping to keep the warmth in – or shut the noise out, shutters will do both. Adding shutters significantly reduces the amount of ambient noise from outside your home – and they do so by adding a robust extra layer, meaning when they’re closed, they can make a big difference to the amount of heat that’s locked in.
  • Most popular style: The full height shutter style we supply is chosen by our customers for its timeless look and the colour options available. This is sure to give you a distinct look in your home whether we add them to your door or window.
  • Customisable: Our team will discuss your every option with you. Depending on your thoughts on the maintenance, we can add a mid-rail to support the weight of the shutters.
  • Versatile: We can adjust each of the slats to complement their placement in your home. If you want to be able to move the upper and lower slats independently of one another, we can install that feature for you.

Our service guarantee

We pride ourselves on exceptional service, outstanding products – and the highest levels of professionalism at all times. That promise extends to whether you’re talking to one of our customer service team – or welcoming a fitter into your home.

To discover more about our full height shutters in Cheshire and how they can transform your home, get in contact with us.

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