Beautiful shutters made affordable

With the summer approaching, and the sunshine hours increasing, everyone in Britain will be savouring every last UV ray. At Shutter Me Beautiful, we can increase the amount of warmth your home gets with our professional shutters in Manchester.

Not only are they stylish and attractive to look at, our shutters have a whole raft of benefits for your home. We’ve detailed the most important ones to make your choice easier below:

Control the light: if you like early morning cracks of sunlight or want to get rid of them, our shutters can be used to effectively shut out or let in as much natural light as you wish.

Controlling the light is one of the main reasons people choose shutters over curtain or blinds. When you have shutters professionally designed and installed, there’s no gaps or cracks that you can expect with fabric or one-size-fits-all blinds.

You can even decide on different sizes of slat that make up your shutters – smaller slats tuck up more tightly to one another – locking out that light, whereas larger slats offer a greater sense of privacy – even when they’re open a little.

Take back control of the light in your rooms with shutters from Shutter Me Beautiful.

Designed just for your window: blinds and curtains are often available in standard sizes to appease mass consumers. However, our shutters are designed bespoke to fit any window to the millimetre; leaving you with a flush finish.

Our expert tradesmen ensure that our shutters fit your home like a glove – so much so that many people assume they’re an integral part of the windows you have.

We have a huge range of shutter designs to choose from – meaning you can select the perfect one for each of your rooms. Perhaps you’d like full height shutters to close off French doors when the colder months creep in – or maybe light isn’t a problem and smaller half height café style shutters would be perfect for your bathroom, adding privacy.

Whatever combination of products suits you, the team here at Shutter Me Beautiful can help.

Cleaning made easy: the minute strips in blinds are incredibly time consuming to clean and dust settles on them easily. With our wooden shutters, you simply wipe away the dust in a matter of seconds.

As such, shutters always look wonderful – they’re the kind of addition you’d never resent in your home, not even when you’ve got polish and a duster in your hand!

Safe and stylish: Not only do shutters look wonderful, they’re also one of the most safe window coverings you can opt for in your home.

Blinds notoriously have lots of leads and cords hanging from them – and since they’re designed to be pulled quite firmly, they can be a real hazard for small children and animals in your home. Shutters take away this worry entirely, they’re family friendly and designed with the highest level of safety and security in mind.

Energy efficient: What people sometimes forget about shutters is the additional level of insulation they provide in your home. Covering your windows in solid real wood means it’s easier to keep the heat in – and the cold and noise out!

Because of this, shutters are ideal for people who live near busy thoroughfares and roads. If there’s one place you definitely deserve peace and quiet – it’s your home.

Our service promise to you

Of course, it’s not just our stunning made to measure shutters that make people choose the team here at Shutter Me Beautiful to transform their windows and doors – we also put a lot of pride in our industry leading level of customer service.

Whether you’re considering shutters and would like to chat with us about your ideas and prices – or you’re at the other end of the process and are welcoming one of our expert fitters into your home, you can be assured of the utmost levels of professionalism and courtesy.

When you talk to us there’s never any obligation – and there’s certainly never any pressure from us. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

Our range of shutters at Shutter Me Beautiful give you many options and colours to choose from. To discover more about our wooden shutters, contact the team today.

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