Beautiful shutters made affordable

The intermittent heatwaves and sticky weather may prompt all your windows to be open for just one day a year, but you can make the most of the natural light from the sun without compromising on style. Our team at Shutter Me Beautiful are experts at fitting beautiful wooden shutters to homes across Cheshire.

Add a touch of style

Wooden shutters create an effortless and timeless look for your home. Combining the style and grace of a well-designed and expertly fitted shutter with the infinite practical uses that come from them, we know wooden shutters will suit your home.

Whether you’ve got an old stone farmhouse, a brand-new brick built townhouse – or anything in between, shutters will be perfectly suited to your home.

We can be so sure that shutter will suit perfectly – because at Shutter Me Beautiful we treat everyone’s home completely uniquely, offering you an enormous range of styles and options so you get something that’s exactly right for you.

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ – our shutters are made to measure for you.

Safe for all the family

Those with younger families are increasingly aware of the dangers that blinds and their hanging cords and leads can have.

With shutters this danger is removed completely – making it easier for you to rest safe in the knowledge that wandering little ones won’t play with anything they shouldn’t.

Take control of the light

Fitting curtains or blinds in your home can sometimes be a bit of a gamble – will they shut out the light as you expect? Will they fit as perfectly as you hope?

With shutters you take this risk away. You can fully control the light – either choosing to shut it out completely, fully open your slats to welcome the sunshine in – or retract them completely and enjoy your windows in all their glory.

Shutters are absolutely perfect for the changeable British weather – you can close those frequent rainy days out – while being ready for the occasional day of glorious sunshine too!

Another layer of insulation

Wooden shutters are ideal if you’d like to add another layer of insulation to your windows. You goal might be to keep the cold air out – lock that warm air in – or even help reduce noise from outside your home.

Whatever your hope, the natural wood construction of shutters is perfect insulation.

Here’s three reasons to choose our team for a set of bespoke shutters in your home:

  • Suits any room in the home: We believe that our wooden shutters are ideal for all rooms in the home. Whether you’re letting the sun radiate in to your living room or adding a quality shutter to your bathroom, we can provide it.
  • Privacy and customisation: We understand that every room is different. Lower floor bathrooms or overlooked bedrooms deserve privacy. We use different slat styles to suit any room and requirement you’re looking to befit.
  • Simple, stylish and sleek: When we’ve fitted your wooden shutter, you will notice the benefit of choosing a highly-trained team with years of experience.

The Shutter Me Beautiful Promise

It’s not just our shutters that are bespoke – from the initial friendly consultation to the expert fitting, when we supply and install shutters, we do so with a level of customer service that won’t fail to impress.

When you talk to us, you can be sure that you won’t be met with jargon or complicated prices, just a friendly team that’ll answer your questions and help you decide if our shutters are going to be right for your home.

To discuss your options with our team and choose the ideal shutter for your rooms, get in contact with us.

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