Board and Batten Design Ideas For Your Home

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Board and batten siding is the element that gives a home that Craftsman style you often see on TV. However, the design is not limited to the exterior of your house. You can upgrade your house by installing board and batten interior wainscoting to make the inside of your house look just as stunning as the outside. By incorporating board and batten design to your windows and walls, your house will surely turn some heads! This article will tell you all you need to know about board and batten wainscoting.


What Is Board and Batten Design?

Before you go ahead and install board and batten wainscoting inside your house, you should probably have an idea of what it is first. The design of a board and batten interior siding consists of a mix of different sizes of plywood boards. Board and batten is a classic type of wainscoting, which can go partway up the wall or take over the whole wall up to the ceiling. This type of wainscoting usually goes hand-in-hand with cove moulding or crown moulding.


Board and Batten Interior Design Ideas For Your Home

Now, let’s take a look at some tips on how to use board and batten in your house to achieve that farmhouse look.


Don’t Go Over Board

The beauty of a board and batten wainscoting lies in its simplicity, so make sure that you don’t over decorate. Don’t add too many extra elements that are excessively bold or flashy; they will take away from the natural appeal of the board and batten design. Try to use subtle colours, soft lighting, and simple, yet elegant decor instead. For example, you can incorporate plantation shutters, which can bring out the appeal of board and batten siding perfectly. For these plantation shutters, try to choose neutral and muted colours like white or beige.


Use Different Textures For Different Surfaces

The use of diverse textures alongside board and batten wainscoting can pull the whole space together. For example, you can use a panelled door, hardwood floor panels, frame shutters, and other textures that you like. Although the textures will vary across every surface, they complement each other so well that they bring out that farmhouse vibe you want to go for. That being said, be careful not to go overboard. Remember that keeping straight lines is still important and the materials should still be natural enough that they can go well with just about any kind of window treatment.


Use Other Complementary Elements

You don’t need to install the wainscoting for every space and in every room to achieve the cosy and Craftsman style of board and batten design. Instead, you can incorporate elements such as a wrought iron bed frame, simple hardwood flooring, and neutral-coloured Craftsman shutters to get the same kind of feel.


Play With Different Lighting

Board and batten panels inside your house can look too plain and monotonous along your wall. To make your room appear more visually striking, try adding different types of lighting on the walls by using multiple light sources. No matter your lighting situation, however, always remember that the best kind of lighting is natural lighting. It’s a great idea to get a window treatment such as plantation shutters or roller shades for your home so that you can easily adjust the lighting to suit your preferences.

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