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Cleaning Shutters – A Quick and Easy Guide

One of the most common questions or reservations Shutter Me Beautiful customers have is around the cleaning of plantation style shutters.

As such, we’ve put together a detailed but simple guide on the method we recommend – and how we clean our own shutters! We’ll wrap things up with the most simple – but most overlooked part of the process.

What will you need?

Don’t worry! You’re not going to need to take a trip to the supermarket for a basket full of cleaning solutions and gadgets – the humble feather duster is the only friend you’re generally going to need when it comes to keeping your shutters look great.

Although there are a few different kinds on the market, we’d suggest using one which is made of real feathers, lambs wool or, if you’re looking for a modern alternative, there are some excellent man-made microfibre dusters available too.

The technique

To make sure your shutters are thoroughly cleaned start by closing them completely. Give a gentle sweep back and forth over the slats and surrounding frame with the feather duster. When you’ve done, completely reverse the slats to show the other face – and repeat the technique on that side too.

That’s it! Nice and simple.

Even if your shutters don’t look like they need cleaning, a quick glance over with a feather duster will stop the dust building up.

Need a little more power?

Occasionally you’ll need a little more cleaning power than just a feather duster – but this usually only applies to areas like kitchens where airborne grease from cooking can cause things to become sticky.

If you’ve got grease or stains on your shutters, a damp cloth with clean water will normally suffice. Aim to just give a couple of light strokes over each slat and refrain from any scrubbing motions or applying a lot of pressure. Plantation shutters are built to last – but some abrasive cloths and cleaning substances could damage the finish or varnish on the shutters.

If warm water alone doesn’t do the trick, add a little washing up liquid – it’s gentle enough to do your hands no harm, but cuts through grease really effectively.

The final ‘magic’ tip!

Now, it’s not fair to really brand this magic – but if you’re looking for a final piece of advice that’s likely to save you a small fortune on cleaning products and a significant amount of elbow grease – it’s this one!

Simply ensure that clean your shutters once a week using the above method.

That’s it! No magic potions, no strange techniques – just making sure that your shutters are dusted down once a week is going to save you an enormous amount of effort.


Every household creates dust – even the most clean and tidy house will collect a thin layer over the course of a few days. Thin layers of dust are easily brushed away – but when it’s left to build up, even just for a couple of weeks, you’ll find that it starts to stick and create a film that’s more difficult to budge without the need for cleaning products and cloths.

A light dust over your shutters can be done in a few seconds – a much nicer task than rubbing each slat of your shutters with cleaning fluids and damp cloths every few months!

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