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Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our customers have questions – on everything from prices to cleaning methods! We’ve tried to cover the ones we’re frequently asked here – but if we’ve missed anything please don’t hesitate to call us on 0333 335 6649, we’re always happy to chat.

Why choose Shutter Me Beautiful?

At Shutter Me Beautiful your needs and requirements are the most important thing to us. We provide a personalised service that includes everything made-to-measure for you – from the shutters we supply and install to the days and times that suit you.

What’s more, we have an extremely experienced team that have measured, designed, supplied and fitted our shutters across thousands of customer’s homes. With Shutter Me Beautiful you’re guaranteed the highest standards of service and workmanship – leaving you content that you’ve had the best value, highest quality products and most professional service for your money.

Do I have to measure my windows or doors for fitting?


Measuring your windows or doors to make sure shutters fit perfectly is a difficult job and inaccuracies can lead to costly errors – which is why we always send an expert fitter to measure and discuss your exact requirements.

Our fitters work promptly and can arrange to visit at a time that suits you.

Can you make my shutters match my windows?

Yes! From colours and designs to the fitting methods – we’ll almost certainly be able to provide shutters that match your windows or doors perfectly.

To do this we employ a few different techniques – not only will we suggest colours that suit, but we also employ fitting methods that make sure shutters are perfectly matched, for example, ‘T posts’ can be used to make sure your shutter panels match your window panes perfectly.

Don’t worry though, you don’t have to be a fitting expert – that’s what we’re here for. We’ll talk you through all the options available.

Are shutters a good security solution?

Shutters can definitely add to the level of security in your house.

Most crimes that involve someone entering your home without your consent are instances where an ‘opportunist’ has taken advantage of a chance to open a door, pick up keys or break a window. Although shutters can’t stop this from happening – they do add another barrier for any would-be intruders.

A big part of keeping your house secure is giving the perception that it would be difficult to enter – and shutters certainly add another level of this to your existing measures.

Do shutters help to keep my house warm?

They certainly can, yes.

By adding shutters you’re adding a layer of very high-quality dense wood to your windows or doors – and doing so is always going to help to trap the cold air out and the warm air in.

The amount of extra insulation depends on the type of shutter you opt for – but our customers to report frequently report reduced heating bills.

Can I choose different slat widths?

You can. We provide 4 options – 47mm, 63mm, 89mm and 114mm – and each looks distinctly different.

63mm slats are our customer’s most popular choice – with 89mm a close second. Slightly larger slats give a more contemporary or modern look, while more narrow options look more traditional and timeless. Wider slat let a touch more light into your home – although a more narrow slat tends to look a little more private. The choice is yours – and there’s little or no difference in price.

Which type of shutter design is right for my home?

Each home is unique – so we’d recommend choosing something that appeals to your eye.

We offer a huge range of styles – from traditional plantation shutters and half height café style shutters to tier on tier, full height and solid panel designs. If you’re looking for inspiration, why not look through our Facebook feed? We document almost every installation we do, so there are lots of pictures and designs to browse.

Are your shutters made of MDF?

No they’re not.

All of the shutters we provide are made of high grade timber – giving a rich natural wood feel. Natural wood is also more robust than MDF, so your natural wood shutters will stay looking fantastic for a long time.

In some instances a particular window design may lend itself to us using a slightly different wood product – particularly with circular, semi-circular, triangle or diamond shaped windows, however, we always endeavour to work with the very best materials and would let you know if our ordinary hardwood wouldn’t be the best choice.

Will a salesperson be calling me?

We don’t have pushy salespeople on our team! When you call for a quote you’ll speak to someone who’s got in-depth shutter product and installation knowledge. It’s our team’s job to answer your questions and help in any way we can – nothing more.

It’s this attitude that’s lead to almost all our customers going on to recommend us to family and friends. A helpful service you can trust.

How long can expect shutters to last?

We are yet to have a customer need new shutters to replace any we have previously installed that have become ‘worn out’!

In fact, the materials and manufacture methods used in the shutters we supply are so good that we would have no problem in suggesting they would have a lifespan of well-over 20 years. That said, that could be a huge under-estimation – as vintage and antique shutters can be often found on the market.

With modern build techniques, expert installation and a simple care regime, your shutters are going to last a very long time!

Can you fit shutters to any shape window?

Yes! There’s a lot more to shutter design and installation than meets the eye – we’ve come across all kind of requests and requirements and we’ve always found a way to provide the perfect product.

From circles to arches, triangles to diamonds, we’ve got the knowledge and expertise needed to provide a shutter that’s perfect for you and your home, no matter how unique.

Are shutters safe?

They are, in fact, shutters are almost always considered the safest kind of window or door covering.

A big factor in this safety is the absence of any trailing cords or loose pulleys that you often get with curtains and blinds. When you have adventurous children or animals in the house this is an absolute must.

Where can I see your work and products?

To ensure we can match or beat the prices you’ve been quoted elsewhere we don’t have expensive showrooms with a few products to look at – instead, we pride ourselves on showing you the huge range of installations we’ve provided for real customers.

Why not take a look at our Facebook newsfeed? Here you can see the installations we’re working on right now. You don’t have to be a Facebook user to look – but if you are, you can ‘like’ or ‘follow’ our page to get our latest updates, installation pictures and helpful videos.

Can you match a price I’ve had elsewhere?

Yes we can. You’re likely to find our prices to be the most competitive anyway – but in the rare instance that we’re not the most cost effective option for you, we’ll adjust our pricing to make sure we match any like-for-like quote.

How long will my shutters take?

We always aim for keeping your waiting time to an absolute minimum. That usually means there’s around 10-12 weeks between your quote and your installation date – and this time is purely down to the fact that all our shutters are made-to-measure for your home.

However, we may be able to offer you an express service.

If your shutter requirements match the more common products in our portfolio then we can often significantly reduce that design and manufacture time – sometimes bringing your wait down to just 3 weeks!

Are shutters heavy or awkward to operate?

No – although you can be forgiven for thinking so based on how sturdy they look.

Whether you’ve opted for a small café style shutter covering half your window or full height shutters that cover floor to ceiling doors and windows they’re simple and easy to open and close.

Part of the reason why relates our expert installation methods. Where we install large shutters we’ll ensure that neat, almost invisible, tracks at the top and bottom allow for extremely easy opening, closing and effortless alignment.

Can you provide a range of colours?

Yes we can.

There are particular type of wood finish that take colour well – so if you’d like a specific colour let us know when you talk to us. Some colours are available as standard – but we can also provide a colour matching service if you want something unique.

There is a small cost associated with supplying custom coloured shutters – but don’t forget that we’ll always strive to be the best priced shutter provider in the UK and match like-for-like quotes.

Where are you based?

We’re based in Stockport in Greater Manchester – but we work nationwide.

In fact, we have design centres in London, Manchester and Birmingham – meaning we can provide personalised shutters at exceptional prices no matter which part of the UK is home to you.

Am I too far away from Shutter Me Beautiful?

No! As long as you’re in the UK we can provide bespoke shutters at an incredible price – and with design centres in Manchester, London and Birmingham it’s likely that we have someone close enough to provide that exceptional Shutter Me Beautiful level of service.

Do your shutters completely ‘black out’ the light?

Not quite – but they can come very close.

The amount of light that you block out when the shutters are closed is somewhat dictated by the size of slats that you choose. We would never claim that a shutter can black the light out completely – as the natural wood made to use them requires a fraction of space to allow for movement – but when compared to most curtains and blinds, our shutters do a great job of keeping the light out.

Are shutters difficult to clean?

No. It’s easy to mix up shutters and blinds when thinking about cleaning – and the often flimsy design of blinds means they can be difficult to clean – and in some instances quite easily damaged.

Shutters are quite the opposite. The solid manufacture and installation process means they’re quite simple and easy to clean. We have a dedicated cleaning guide here, but in short, a simple feather duster used around once a week will prevent dust and dirt building up.

If your shutters are installed in kitchen where cooking can leave the atmosphere greasy, a slightly damp cloth with just a little washing up liquid will break the grease down and keep your shutters looking fantastic.

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