How Plantation Shutters Will Help You Sleep Better



Getting a good night’s sleep is essential not only for your physical well-being but your mental capabilities too. While you sleep, your body is rebuilding all your cells, and your brain is making reconnections, which are needed for mental growth. Since it is so important that we get our sleep, people are making efforts to get as much sleep as possible in order to keep their bodies functioning at its highest capacity.

Simple fixes such as decreasing blue light a few hours before bed, putting themselves in a dark room during bedtime and even using different colored lights to trick your internal clock about what time it is. Some windows can help insinuate this as well by blocking out the sunlight. You can enhance your sleep with plantation shutters. Here’s how:


Blocking out the sun

Any window treatment that can block out sunlight from blinds to window tints can be useful. Plantation shutters are perfect for this since they have louvers that can allow you to decide how much and how little sunlight you want in your room. Because shutters are completely solid, sunshine won’t peak through unless you adjust them to. They will allow you complete control of the light that enters your room. Window tinting can help a little bit, but it’s recommended that you consider shades.


Dim your room down

If you prefer a light dim while you sleep rather than complete darkness, high-quality roller shades might work best for you. They will block out light, dimming your room a bit, while still allowing a little ambiance. Although, you will not have as much control of your lighting as you would with shutters, dimmer rooms will allow for better sleep if you are uncomfortable with complete darkness.


Noise cancellation

Having a dark room is crucial for better, deeper sleep; but it is also important that you are in a room that allows you to sleep soundly without any disturbances from the outside noises. Installing plantation shutters can mean an extra wall of insulation to your windows, blocking out a little more sound from the outside world while you are inside. There are also other actual sound-proofing options that you can install onto your windows, although they may be a little harder to install and might look a bit unattractive on your windows. You can get the same effects, with style, by installing plantation shutters.


Insulating properties that help with temperature

It is proven that being in a room that is too hot or too cold can disturb your sleep. Whether you are a warm sleeper or cool sleeper, it’s important to maintain a comfortable temperature in your room so that you don’t need to constantly have to adjust your thermostat or blanket at night. Window tints are great for blocking out sunlight, but shutters will allow you to block out heat as well. Not only will this insulation help you keep your room at a comfortable temperature for sleep, but you can also save a ton on your utility bills with this energy-efficient strategy.

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