How You Can Combine Multiple Window Treatments – Our Guide

If you are trying to achieve a particular look or function with your windows, you might want to double up on window treatments. Say you want to block out light, but you also want to block out heat; you can do both! Window treatments can be some of the most efficient, most useful additions to your home. Why not get the ones you really need and want? Make sure your home looks good while also getting top-notch coverage for your windows. Here are some good combos that you don’t want to miss out on:


Plantation Shutters and Drapes

This is a common window treatment pairing because it just works. Plantation shutters add a little more style to your home, but drapes will be the cherry on top. Most will get plantation shutters and think that way in terms of design and functionality when in reality, you can pair them with some drapes and get the full benefits. Not only will you have more freedom to adjust your windows in terms of lighting, privacy, and aesthetics through this pairing but with the plantation shutters, you are able to adjust the louvres in accordance to your preference for how much you want the light to enter. The shades will enable you to completely cover the light up when needed. This also has an effect on privacy. If you don’t want people to peer into your home, your shutters will do that, but the drapes will do so even more. Shutters will also act as an extra layer of security. In terms of aesthetics, a larger room might need a little splash of colour, which is why the drapes might work well for a more sizeable space. Drapes will also frame your shutters well.


Window Shades and Drapery

Shades are a minimal, easy way to control lighting in your space. Sometimes, people will opt for more opaque shades, which might not keep out enough light; this is where drapes come in. Drapes will offer more style, colour impact, and light control.


Valance or Cornices

These may be a little too old-fashioned for some, but it can also add a little something to your space. There are tons of style and colour, as well as pattern options for you to choose from to keep it from looking too vintage. These can match quite well with shutters, curtains, or any other window treatment. Not only will a valance or cornice look good with your window treatments, but it can also protect your window sill from dust as well.


Window Film Will Go With Virtually Anything

Window film is not only used for darkening windows, but you can also add a tint of colour, while also blocking out sunlight efficiently without losing a clear view of the outside. Window film does not affect how your window looks too much unless you choose one that is more flashy. Window tints will also improve your energy efficiency, which will save you money. Whether you want plantation shutters, drapes, a valance, or a cornice, window film can be paired with any of these treatments effectively.

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