Plantation Shutters in Sale

Plantation Shutters Sale

We are the most highly regarded supplier and installer of bespoke window shutters in the Sale area. We haven’t obtained this crown by chance though; we ensure an exceptional level of detail and craftsmanship goes into our shutters – from the made to measure manufacture to the expert installation.

In fact, our supply and fitting expertise is matched only by our unbeatable customer service.

If you’re looking for plantation shutters in the Sale area, contact us now by clicking here or calling on 0333 335 6649. Or, read on to discover more about the shutters and service you can expect from us.

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The Shutters we Supply

We can supply a huge and diverse range of plantation shutters – interior shutters that are custom made and fitted around your current windows, doors and fixtures.

Don’t worry about the confusing range of names you’ll find elsewhere; ‘colonial shutters’, ‘Californian shutters’ or ‘shutter blinds’ generally refer to the same type of products. Rather than focusing on specific terms, our experience suggests that if we listen to your requirements and show you a range of examples, together we’ll be able to find something absolutely perfect.

Example of our Shutters:

Shutters in Your Home

Shutters add a new level of elegance and style to your home – and this is further accentuated by the range of colours and finishing touches we can supply. It’s not only appealing aesthetics that shutters add to your home though, whether you’re looking for additional security, light control, energy efficiency or safety – shutters are ideal.

Light control

Sunlight is wonderful – but when you’re trying to dim the lights, curtains and blinds just don’t quite do the full job.

Plantation shutters can be angled quickly and easily to get exactly the right level of light into your room – or, if you’re looking to make the most of a summer’s day – they’ll open completely to let sunlight and fresh air flood in.

Security and safety

Those with unlawful intentions can often view windows as a weak point – so adding a physical barrier to the inside of your home is a great deterrent.

What’s more, where blinds and their untidy dangling cords can be dangerous – especially with children in the house. Shutters are 100% child safe with no cords or pulleys to worry about.

Energy efficiency

Shutters almost always improve your home’s energy efficiency. Whether you’re hoping to lock that heat in – or keep the chilly air out, an additional layer of natural wood is hard to beat.

The cold isn’t the only thing shutters will help keep out either – depending on the design you choose, made to measure well fitted shutters can reduce outside noise by a further 10 decibels – adding a new level of tranquillity to your house.

Our price and service guarantee

Our extensive experience and product knowledge means we can guarantee outstanding customer service from the very first call. No pressure, no hard sell, no obligation – just a polite and professional chat to discuss your needs.

We also promise that our quotes are 100% accurate – we never hike our prices or make additions further down the line; meaning you can rest easy, knowing that what we quote is what you’ll pay.

If shutters would be the perfect addition to your home, call us now on 0333 335 6649 or click here for your personalised quote. Your shutter needs are in the very best hands.

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