Our Colour Pairing Guide for Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters can offer many benefits that many other window options can’t. First of all, you have more control over how much light and air you want to allow into the interior of your home. What’s more is that plantation shutters are quite affordable, so no matter what type of budget you’re working with, there are plantation shutters out there that will be the perfect fit for you. They can add comfort and market value to your home in ways that you might not have thought possible.

If you’re looking to install plantation shutters, you will need to understand how to fit them into the decor of your home. In this article, we’ll be focusing on the colour options and how to choose the right set to match the style of your home.

Components of Plantation Shutters
There are two parts to plantation shutters: the frame and the shutters. The fact that the shutters are separated into two sections means that you can choose to paint them in matching or contrasting colours according to your preferences. With an elegant colour pairing, plantation shutters will pop out much like a beautiful painting on a canvas. You can enjoy the functional benefits of window shutters while adding some extra artistic value at the same time.

The walls of most homes are white, and the shutters can either be painted to offer some contrast or complementary elements to the overall look. Depending on the colour choices you opt for, the shutters will either pop out or stay muted. Which style you choose is entirely up to how you decide to decorate your home.

Without further adieu, here’s our colour-pairing guide for plantation shutters:

Black is a great colour option for rooms that you might want to look a little darker, as the colour black naturally absorbs more light than brighter tones. This effect makes black the perfect option for basement and workshop, as artificial light tends to be better for those who are working on their handicrafts. They can also offer some added privacy and more light control, making them a perfect addition to bedrooms as well. Look to pair black plantation shutters with white decor, as that will create a sharp contrast that adds a sense of elegance and class to the overall interior.

Wood Stains
Many people prefer to leave plantation colours with the natural wooden look. Some people might prefer coated wood while others might opt for a more raw looking surface. Again, your final decision will depend on your design choices. The raw and rustic feel makes wooden shutters a perfect addition to the kitchen and living room, as those rooms are often associated with comfort and relaxation. The simplistic look of raw wood is ideal for replicating that sensation.

Earth Tones
Earth tones are natural-related tones. The difference is that they are more muted than other colour schemes such as neon and pastel. Earth tones are perfect for creating an atmosphere that simulates the natural state of things. For example, the combination of chestnut brown, forest green, and glacier blue can remind one of a pond in the middle of the woods where the woodland critters gather. This makes Earth tone shutters the perfect addition to the bedrooms and playroom, as they can help to bring the overall narrative together cohesively.

Plantation shutters colours and styles
The style of the shutters will typically depend on the style of your home. Classic plantation shutters might be best-suited for a traditional period home with simpler decor and a more reserved colour palette. If your home is a bit more modern, you have a wider range of colours and styles to work with. You might prefer double-folded shutters with brighter tones, and that’s something that you can opt for if the style of your home allows it. Use window shutters as an extension of the overall decor design, and don’t let your hesitation and doubt deter you from using your imagination and creativity to decorate your own home!


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