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Shutters are the perfect addition to any home. From increasing property prices, to halving your heating bill, the reasons for choosing shutters are endless.

1. Good looking

Fitting quality hardwood shutters in a room increases the value of your property by giving it an authentic bespoke feel. The contemporary and crisp shutters will make any room feel more modern and are the perfect covering for unsightly PVC windows.

2. Halve electricity costs

Shutters are adept at insulating homes. By closing your shutters at dusk, you can trap in natural heat and substantially reduce your heating costs. For a reduced heating bill, choose FSC certified poplar hardwood shutters.

3. Easy to clean

Having dust in your home is not only unsightly, but can been a breeding ground for allergy producing dust mites. Dust on wooden shutters can simply be wiped away, far easier than blinds and curtains.

4. Noise Barrier

Not only do shutters give your house a contemporary feel, a fully-closed wooden shutter is a perfect natural noise barrier. Additionally, while blinds may bang and rattle around, the sturdy build of wooden shutters allows them to be completely noiseless.

5. Privacy

For increased privacy while still allowing for natural light, wooden shutters are the best option. Simply open the shutters to allow the sunlight to stream in from above, whilst blocking peering eyes from street level.

6. Light control for any room

Controlling light levels in a room is made easy with wooden shutters. Open the shutters fully to let sunlight stream into a room, or angle the slats upwards to keep the sun from fading expensive furniture. And with a UV protective finishing, you can be assured that your shutters will block out any light without themselves fading.

7. Perfectly fitted to any window

Unlike blinds, which are often mass-produced, shutters can be designed and fitted to suit any window. Our made-to-measure shutters are specially made to fit your windows within the millimetre. With many colours to choose from, our shutters are fully customisable to suit any home.

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