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Plantation Shutters Cheshire – Stunning Yet Affordable

Plantation shutters Cheshire provide the perfect balance between privacy and style. So, if you’re looking for the most highly regarded supplier and installer of bespoke real natural wood – look no further! With expert fitters, the highest quality natural wood products and customer care that is second-to-none, the team here at Shutter Me Beautiful are guaranteed to impress.

Whether you’re looking specifically for plantation shutters or would simply like to have a chat with us about what’s possible, we’d be delighted to help. You can speak to us by clicking here or calling 0333 335 6649 – alternatively, read on to learn more about the incredible blinds and service we offer.

Stylish, Versatile And Safe North West Shutters

When people look for ‘plantation shutters Cheshire’ they know they’ll get style – but with Shutter Me Beautiful, you get style that’s versatile and safe. Whether you’re looking from the inside or out – there’s no window covering that gives the same feel of style and elegance as a well-designed and expertly fitted shutter.

Our fitters can recommend a style that will perfectly match the type of windows currently in your home – so wooden shutters Cheshire can be just as at-home whether you’re installing them in a modern barn conversion, a city townhouse – or a Georgian mansion! However, it’s not just looks that shutters will bring to your home, our shutters offer an unparalleled level of light control for your room.

If you’d like to shut almost all of the light out of your room, you can, then again, if you’d like to let as much sunshine in, with good level of privacy, you can do that too! The great thing is, this level of light control doesn’t come at the expense of access to your windows – if you want to make the most of a summer evening’s breeze, you swing the shutters open fully and let the refreshing breeze blow through your home.

Shutters Cheshire are one of the safest options for window coverings too, there are no dangling cords or pulleys that can be a worrying danger if you have pets or adventurous children in your home; opening and closing is done with a quick and effortless twist of a fixed tilt rod.

Choose From A Range Of Window Shutters Cheshire And Beyond

Shutter Me Beautiful provide a huge range of styles and designs – and we’re certain that there will be something that’s perfect for your home. Plantation shutters Cheshire are the most traditionally elegant style we provide – they’re the full height of your window and are generally broken down into two or more shutter panels on either side of the window, allowing them to be folded back neatly, maximising the amount of sunlight that can penetrate your home.

Plantation shutters are just as at home in modern properties as they are in the traditional 19th century homes they were originally intended for – timeless style. Café shutters offer a slightly more contemporary look for your home, beautiful Parisian style, covering the lower section of your windows, while letting plenty of natural light through the upper half of the window – an ideal mix of privacy and good looks.

Shutter Me Beautiful’s stunning range of products also include solid panel window shutters Cheshire, a real style statement and privacy – as well as being the very best way to insulate and keep noise out! Full height shutters are a similar design and style to plantation shutters – although they can be span any distance you wish – even doors, French windows and floor to ceiling casements.

Tier on tier shutters have all the style of plantation shutters but with a little more versatility – two rows of shutters on top of one another, allowing just the upper or lower section of your shutters to be opened. We have styles for every home.

Energy Efficient Plantation Shutters North West

While shutters are unquestionably great looking, you’ll see more than style benefits if you have Shutter Me Beautiful install them in your home. In fact, shutters can provide exceptional levels of insulation, whether you’re looking to keep the heat in – or the noise and light out. Shutter Me Beautiful’s bespoke plantation shutters North West are always made of the highest quality natural wood, which boasts excellent insulation levels.

The benefits come by quite simply trapping a layer of air between the window and the shutter – neither the layer of wood or the trapped layer of air are effective conductors of heat or noise, so heat is kept in, noise is kept out. Shutter Me Beautiful’s customers report a noticeable difference in energy costs after installation – and noise can be reduced by up to 15 decibels – that’s the kind of difference that reduces the noise of passing traffic to that of a pin dropping – ideal if you’re keen on getting a good night’s sleep or enjoying a movie without outside interruption!

Of course, keeping light out can be important too – and while we wouldn’t claim that plantation shutters Chester and the surrounding areas provide a 100% blacking out of light, they can certainly come close – we can help you choose the right slats and designs to keep your room as dark as possible if this is your goal. Shutter Me Beautiful’s expert bespoke fitting service is an important part of making your house energy efficient though, always ensuring the highest level of workmanship possible – so don’t accept second best!

The Perfect Plantation Shutters Cheshire For You From Shutter Me Beautiful

The reason Shutter Me Beautiful is number one for plantation shutters Cheshire is we understand that everyone’s home is different – as is everyone’s exact shutter requirements. This is why we can offer a huge range of designs, colours and shapes of shutter – and they’re always made to measure for you. Of course, it’s not just our incredible shutters that make us Cheshire’s favourite supplier and installer of shutters – our service levels are unmatched too.

When you talk to us you’re not talking to a salesperson, you’re talking to a shutter expert who’ll ask some questions to get a feel for what you want – then talk you through the range of possibilities we can provide. There’s never any obligation – and there’s never any pressure to buy – just all the information you’ll need to help decide whether stunning new shutters are right for you. Click here or call 0333 335 6649 to get in touch!


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