Full Height Shutters

Full height shutters are the perfect option to bring a symmetrical and clean look to any window or door.

Our full height shutters are our most popular style owing to their versatile use and sophisticated look. Perfect for any window or door, their symmetrical look will bring a distinguished look to any room.

For taller panels, fitting a mid rail will help create a stronger shutter and is a cleaner looking finish. Adding a mid rail will help support the wooden slats, eliminating the risk of warping. They can also be fitted to allow the upper and lower slats to be opened independent, allowing for versatility.

Custom Full Height Shutters

Full height shutters are the most popular type of shutter we make and sell, probably because they cover the entire window from top to bottom as well as offering so many other advantages.

The shutters can be designed in a complimentary style to either blend in or contrast with your current style of windows. Either option provides a stunning effect that our owners simply adore. The straight lines, matched with our high-quality materials, certainly adds a touch of elegance to any room.

Elegant and Stylish

Full-length shutters offer a look and style unmatched by any other design. Robust yet elegant, these beautiful shutters are made from the finest materials and exude quality and class.

Closed or open, they enhance the look and feel of any room, drawing their style from Paris, Rome and other design capitals of the world. The beauty of full-length shutters is that they can transform the look and feel of any room, adding privacy, but also allowing control of the lighting conditions at the same time.

Added Security

Full-length shutters from Shutter Me Beautiful are solid and sturdy, and because they are custom fitted, and cover the entire window opening, they have another added advantage over other shutter types; they provide an added element of security.

Imposing And Easy To Open

Full height shutters can dominate a room, due to their beautiful looks and sheer size. They will almost certainly become a talking point when friends and relatives come to visit your property.

However, do not be daunted by their size, because every one of our blinds is custom built, they elegantly glide open and shut, ensuring that anyone in the home will be able to open or close them with ease.

An Extra Layer Of Heating Insulation

Although not quite as efficient as double glazing, when closed properly, full height plantation shutters form another seal between the window and the room. This ensures that more heat can be retained during the winter months, and also prevents cold air coming from the windows.

No other shutters offer this particular benefit and although not a deciding factor, it is indeed an added benefit that should be factored in if your heating costs are excessively high.

Noise Reduction

For people who live near a busy road, where road noise can be a problem, full-length shutters provide the perfect additional barrier to reduce that noise. Because they are perfectly fitted with the minimal of gaps the noise reduction benefits can be quite significant, and as such provide another bonus that many customers have never even considered before meeting our design team.

Optional Room Darkening Blinds For Bedrooms

For people who work night shifts, it can be tough to ensure that there is total darkness in a bedroom during the daytime, but this is another problem that full height shutters can assist with. Our full length shutters come with the choice of an option darkening blind and the total enclosure of the windows in the room means that full-length blinds could finally provide you with the perfect night’s sleep during the day.

Full-length window shutters provide a lot of options, for any homeowner. They look great in any room, and add flexibility, class, and elegance to any room, along with numerous other benefits. For more information, speak to Mark and his team of friendly and helpful customer service advisors on 0333 335 6649 who can help you to choose the perfect shutter for your property.

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