Plantation Shutters

Plantation or colonial shutters are a timeless classic that will add a distinguished look to any room.

Our Plantation Shutters are the perfect choice for giving your windows a classic look. These timeless shutters will add an authentic feel to any room and come in a variety of styles.

Our specially made shutters are designed just for you. Choose different size slats to drastically change the nature of a room. Smaller slats will reduce light levels, while larger slats will ensure more privacy for overlooked or larger windows.

Unique And Individually Designed In-House

A quick search on any internet browser will quickly turn up tens, maybe even hundreds of different online stores where various shutters can be bought. For many people though the purchase of their shutters is an important, creative decision, rather than simply buying an off the shelf, mass-produced low-quality product.

At Shutter Me Beautiful, our team of craftsmen design and create stunningly individual and unique bespoke shutters, to your personal specifications. Using only the best materials (no cheap MDF products here) our products ooze quality and add a stunning, exquisite and individual appearance to any room. Once you see the shutter installed in your home, you will be delighted with the new look.

Change The Light and Atmosphere Of A Room

Plantation shutters provide homeowners with numerous different options, not all of which relate purely to the look of the shutters. Our design experts will be able to guide you through all of the different options, and how they will affect the light and atmospherics within the room. There may even be good reasons why smaller slats could be used in the top half of the window, to allow increased light into the room, with larger slats along the lower half to provide privacy from people passing by in the street. Our custom fitted options provide the best shutters for your home, whilst allowing you the flexibility that your home and lifestyle demand and deserve.

Price Match Guarantee

Although we remain convinced that the quality of our shutters far exceeds many competitors in the market, we work extremely hard to ensure that our prices remain entirely competitive. Give our friendly customer service team a call today to discuss your needs and requirements, and at the same time ask about out stunning price match guarantee. Now you can have the best quality shutters at the best value prices.

Low Maintenance Combined With Health Benefits

Everybody leads very busy lives in the modern world, and it can become increasingly difficult to complete all the household chores around the home as often as possible. Plantation Shutters are quick and easy to clean, all that is required s a quick rub down every so often. Perhaps even more importantly for anyone who suffers from breathing illnesses such as asthma, plantation shutters retain significantly less dust than fabric curtains or blinds. Fabric curtains and blinds can quickly and easily become breeding grounds for dust mites which can then add to your family members health issues.

Sound and Thermal Insulation

Another benefit of our individually designed shutters is that when closed they provide a basic but beneficial seal from the outside world. Although the sound reduction benefits will not be as marked as double glazing, for instance, there will still be noticeable improvement, especially over curtains or fabric blinds. This is often one of the unsung benefits our clients regularly remark upon a few weeks after having their blinds installed.

A Sound Investment That May Help With Selling Your Property

With the recent interest in home improvement television shows, homes with shutters are proving to be very desirable. As well as the other benefits mentioned above, installing plantation shutters from Shutter Me Beautiful may improve the perceived value of your property, or at the very least provide a positive first impression as prospective buyers arrive to view your property.

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