Solid Panel Shutters

For creating a bold, distinguished barrier against weather and noise.

Inspired by the Victorian era, our Solid Panel Shutters are perfect for creating a snug, secure home. The solid panel shutters give any room a bold, unique look and are adept at creating an extra barrier against noise and weather in homes near to busy road. These shutters are well suited to Victorian and Georgian homes, but will bring a distinguished look to any home. Made from high quality woods, the Solid Panel Shutters are available in Poplar or Elm.

Custom Solid Panel Shutters

Our solid panel shutters provide a totally different and unique alternative to the standard image of a shutter that most people would imagine. Comprising of solid panels of wood, there are no louvres, meaning that the only way to let light into the property once these shutters are fitted is to slide open the full panel.

Although this means that there is a lot less flexibility, there are numerous benefits to this style of shutter, and solid panel shutters are certainly increasing in popularity. Here are some of the benefits to take into consideration when considering a solid panel shutter system

Total Control Over Privacy and Light

Because there are no louvres, or openings, once shut, there are no spaces for light to enter the property, or for people to look through. If your ultimate aim is to ensure total privacy, such as in a bathroom for instance then solid panel shutters from Shutter Me Beautiful, are the perfect choice.

Once installed the choice of how much light you let into your room is a decision entirely for the homeowner to make, and likewise, you can also have as much privacy as you wish in your own home. If your idea of heaven is to close the doors and windows and lock yourself and your family away from the outside world for an evening, then solid panel shutters simply cannot be beaten.

Classic Look

There is truly no style of shutter that looks as beautiful as our solid panel shutters. Made with only the best pieces of Elm or Poplar, these panels look stunning with a certain element of historic charm. Many of our customers comment that there is a certain feeling of satisfaction when they close the shutters into position, even six years after they have them installed.

An Added Layer of Insulation

The high-quality wood used in our solid panel shutters added to the bespoke fitted panels means that whenever you have our solid panel shutters installed, you are effectively adding another layer of protection to your property. This means that potentially your energy bills could reduce, an added benefit to go along with the beautiful new look of your windows.

Total Darkness

Street lights are an important asset to any residential street, but if your bedroom happens to be within the arc of the street light, then it could be frustrating and certainly not conducive to a good night’s sleep. Solid Panel Shutters stop this problem instantly ensuring that no light whatsoever will penetrate the bedroom. Bedrooms are possibly one of the best rooms for solid panel shutters, although they also fit in perfectly in older properties, and even as wardrobe doors.

Solid panel shutters, are truly stunning to behold, but many of our clients have never even considered them until reading this page. Our owner Mark is always delighted to discuss your options with you, and if he is not available, then our friendly customer service teams will be more than happy to walk you through all of the alternatives available to you. Call us on 0333 335 6649

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