Tier on Tier Shutters

Style, light and privacy for rooms close to the street.

Tier on Tier shutters are made in the Venetian style and will add a distinguished look for homes. Versatility is a key feature of these shutters, with the upper and lower panels opening separately. This allows rooms that are close to the street greater light control while giving privacy at all times.

The Tier on Tier shutters are well suited to Victorian and Georgian homes, and can be a distinguished feature of bay windows.

Bespoke Tier On Tier Shutters

Although there are very few negatives to choosing shutters over curtains, perhaps one of the most frequent complaints that are raised are about the lack of flexibility of a shutter system versus curtains or blinds. If you have your mindset of the superior look and quality of shutters but want to ensure flexibility, then tier on tier shutters provide the perfect solution.

Tier on Tier Shutters are made up of two entirely independent shutter panels, allowing the homeowner to decide how they want to the shutters to be operated on a daily basis. Perfect for any room in the home, these beautiful shutters will really enhance the look of any room, while providing privacy or natural light depending on your requirements.

There are many benefits to Tier on Tier Shutters other than flexibility, so let’s highlight some of them to get your creative juices flowing.

Total Control Over The Amount Of Light That Enters Your Room

Light is often the determining factor when it comes to setting the mood and ambiance in a room. With tier on tier shutters, their versatility means that you can easily choose how much natural light enters the room. You can open both sets of shutters fully to let all of that beautiful sunlight in on a warm summer’s day.

Alternatively, close the bottom set of shutters for some privacy whilst leaving the top set open for the natural light. Or maybe you want to shut the entire world out and enjoy a romantic evening by closing both sets of shutters properly. Either way, the choice is entirely yours, and there is probably no other window dressing system that provides you with such control over the lighting conditions.

Enjoy The View Whilst Maintaining Your Privacy

Whether your view overlooks the beautiful shorefront or you live in a busy metropolitan area, it is essential that you can look out of the window and watch the world go by.

At the same time, you do not want passers-by to be able to see into your windows and observe what’s going on in the privacy of your own home. The independent shutter system of tier on tier shutters provides the perfect solution. Simply close the bottom set of shutters to ensure privacy, whilst keeping the top set open allowing your family to enjoy the view.

Unique and Individually Created For Your Property

Not every window is the same size, not every customer wants the same style or design, which is why at Shutter Me Beautiful our shutters are all individually created and styled to your exact specifications.

Our team of experts will measure your windows and ensure that the shutters fit with absolute precision. You even have total control over the height of the shutters, so if you want to lower set to cover three-quarters of the window for instance and the top set only a quarter, then that is no problem. The choice is totally yours which is another benefit of our bespoke quality service.

Tier on Tier Shutters Are Timeless

They say that quality never goes out of fashion, and that certainly applies to shutters. We fit our tier on tier shutters in a wide variety of properties, from Edwardian homes though to modern flats. Our customers are always delighted with the results, which is why we get the majority of our new orders from personal recommendation.

If some of the designs or ideas mentioned here have whetted your appetite for tier on tier shutters, why not give Mark or his friendly and helpful customer service team a call on 0333 335 6649. We can discuss all of your requirements and ensure that you become the next in our long list of delighted and happy customers.

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