The Benefits of Plantation Shutters

Before glass was made, shutters were originally made for protecting a home keep the weather out. For plantations, shutters are still completely useful and functional. Light, ventilation, and privacy are the main reasons for window covering, which is needed in plantations. But they can play many more roles that can benefit plantations.


Light Control
Adjustable blades on shutters make controlling light easy. The blades can go up or down to allow light to enter, but also allowing you to bring light away from your furniture or decorations to prevent sun damage. Closed plantation shutters will block out as much light as a standard curtain, but you can also get a blackout shutter, which will do better in keeping the room totally dark. White shutters are popular to add light to a room because they reflect well and also ensure that your window space isn’t cluttered with darker features, which makes a room look smaller.


Air Circulation and Ventilation
Open blades will allow air flow and good ventilation within your plantation without blowing a gust that might knock down your decorations or things over. Even when opened, you will still have your privacy. You can always add a lock to the plantation shutters if they are being used in a child’s room so that a window can be left open, but ensure your child remains safe as they are unable to access the open window.


Privacy and Security
Angling the blades will allow light to enter, but will still keep your privacy and security safe. When away from home plantation shutters can be left angled this way so that any lights or radios left on timed can be seen and heard, creating the impression that there is someone home.


Plantation shutters are durable and effective and will usually only be opened when repairs or cleaning are needed, but other than that, you shouldn’t be doing too much with them, making it impossible for too much wear and tear. Blades are really easy to replace and can also be adjusted really simply to reduce damage or just suit your wants and needs.


White shutters are a popular choice as they match windows, and prevent the need to replace window coverings every time you want to redecorate since your white shutters will already match many styles. If you do want to change the color, they can be re-sprayed if you choose, in order to match a particular color, or just to refurbish them if they need it.


As shutters fit in the window opening, there is no protrusion into your room, unlike curtains which are often fitted on the outside of the window opening. This can make your room feel more spacious and can be particularly striking where curtains have been fitted across the opening of a bay window.


Plantation shutters can hold back outside noises and are like a barrier between your windows and your room. Solid shutters will be better at this job but anything works and it all depends on what you need.


As plantation shutters can form a solid barrier between the window and room they can help to insulate your property and prevent heat loss when shutters are closed. The shutters closure is designed to help reduce heat leaking out of your home.


Remote Controlled Shutters
Why bother manually opening your shutters when you can just control all the functions with a remote? With these remote control shutters, you can control the light, the blades and can open and close as you please. This could be useful for someone who is bed-bound. It can also just be a fun gadget to have and show off.


Plantation shutters can be an investment for your home and they can also add value for when you want to put your house on the market. Matching shutters in each window will create a consistent look for your home and will look really attractive.


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