The History Of Plantation Shutters & Why People Still Use Them

Plantation shutters have been around for centuries. They have been making homes look better for years! In this article, we’ll be taking you back in time to learn about the rich history of these fascinating shutters.

The origin of plantation shutters

Before plantation shutters came along, windows were very primitive. People either just had openings in the wall or simple glass windows. They were designed for light and ventilation, but people really didn’t give much thought about how or why they should control the amount of light that entered their homes. But like everything else, people started to think about what they can improve and soon looked for a way to add some style to their houses. The early forms of window shutters were made of marble that was fitted into these window slits.


Wooden Shutters
As the years rolled by, people started to take notice that stones weren’t the best material for window shutters. Wooden shutters first started to appear in Southern Europe in the Mediterranean shore—namely Italy and Spain. It still took years before the traditional plantation shutters arrived. It wasn’t until when the shutters were brought to the US that they started to be altered into the plantation shutters that we know today. The traditional southern mansions were often called plantations, as they would usually be built in a sugar cane field. These regions are incredibly hot and humid during the summer, so you want to make sure that you’re blocking out the sun without preventing the ventilation.


The Benefits of Plantation Shutters
Plantation shutters offer a lot of benefits, from security and control to ventilation and more! Unlike other light control options like curtains or window blinds, plantation shutters offer a lot more protection in case of a break-in or intrusion. The shutters can be closed and locked, which may be all you need to buy a couple seconds of precious time that you can use to escape the house or call the police. Plantation shutters also offer a large degree of protection against the elements as they were designed to withstand storms, tornadoes, and harsh rains. What’s more is that they are incredibly easy to clean. Instead of having to take down heavy curtains and put them in a washer, you can simply wipe the shutters with a damp cloth and be done with it.


The Aesthetic Value

Another reason why plantation shutters have been so popular is that they are incredibly flexible. No matter the style of home decoration you’re going for,  there are plantation shutters out there that will fit with the theme perfectly. Combine this with the fact that they offer more security, convenience, and privacy than the other options, it’s not hard to see why plantation shutters have been around for so long.

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