How to Combine Artificial and Natural Lighting With Plantation Shutters

If you don’t think that lighting has anything to do with the comfort level of the room, then you have a lot to learn about interior design. Lighting is one of the most crucial aspects of a room, and it’s integral to the experience of using and interacting with the room. It can help create … Continued

What You Have to Check for Before Ordering New Window Shutters

Window shutters could be the best home upgrade choice you could ever make. They help to control the natural light in the interior space, give you some extra privacy, and offer you another level of protection in case of a break-in. They can give you all of these benefits without requiring any electricity or energy, … Continued

Why Plantation Shutters Are Great For Winter

During winter, you will be looking for ways to keep your house well-insulated so that you won’t lose any of the heat that will warm your home. There are so many options, but plantation shutters are undoubtedly our choice. Here are a few reasons why you should really look into plantation shutters: Plantation Shutters These … Continued

Our Colour Pairing Guide for Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters can offer many benefits that many other window options can’t. First of all, you have more control over how much light and air you want to allow into the interior of your home. What’s more is that plantation shutters are quite affordable, so no matter what type of budget you’re working with, there … Continued

The History Of Plantation Shutters & Why People Still Use Them

Plantation shutters have been around for centuries. They have been making homes look better for years! In this article, we’ll be taking you back in time to learn about the rich history of these fascinating shutters. The origin of plantation shutters Before plantation shutters came along, windows were very primitive. People either just had openings … Continued

5 Reasons to Replace Your Curtains with Window Shutters

Looking for a new pair of curtains to replace that dusty faded set you have right now? Why not consider shutters instead? They’re a great way to upgrade your window coverings and make your home look absolutely incredible. Not convinced yet? Keep reading. We may make a window shutter owner of you yet!   Here … Continued

Why Solid Shutters Are A Great Choice for Home Decoration

Your home windows are the most vulnerable parts of your home. If you leave them uncovered, you’ll have to worry about prying eyes, and the idea of that is anxiety-inducing. Your home is where you should feel most comfortable, and by having to worry about curious strangers looking through your windows, that sense of comfort … Continued

Why You Should Choose Plantation Shutters for Your Home

People often neglect to include plantation shutters as an option for window treatment for one simple reason: the price. Although plantation shutters can sometimes get relatively pricey, there are so many reasons why people choose them over drapes or small blinds. Shutters look beautiful and can instantly make your home look a lot more “adult” … Continued

The Benefits of Plantation Shutters

Before glass was made, shutters were originally made for protecting a home keep the weather out. For plantations, shutters are still completely useful and functional. Light, ventilation, and privacy are the main reasons for window covering, which is needed in plantations. But they can play many more roles that can benefit plantations.   Light Control … Continued

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