Why Plantation Shutters Are Great For Winter

During winter, you will be looking for ways to keep your house well-insulated so that you won’t lose any of the heat that will warm your home. There are so many options, but plantation shutters are undoubtedly our choice. Here are a few reasons why you should really look into plantation shutters:

Plantation Shutters
These shutters were initially used for cafes to create a more intimate dining experience, while not eliminating all natural light. These shutters only cover the bottom half of the window so that you can still enjoy the beautiful natural light, while still having some privacy.

Solid Shutters
Solid shutters are a great alternative to plantation shutters. As the name suggests, these are a lot more solid. The panels on these shutters are usually made from cedar wood and will both insulate your home and eliminate outside noises.  

They Are Versatile
Plantation shutters are mostly available in painted wood or hardwood and can be used both inside and outside your home. They can even be waterproofed for showers, bathrooms, and swimming pool areas. These shutters can also be used to separate large rooms into different parts when used alone. They don’t have to just be placed on windows. Their design and look make them functional for a lot of purposes.

More Cost-Efficient Energy Bills
Rain, frost, and wind can really bring the temperature in your house down. Turning up the heat will result in higher energy bills in the winter. To enjoy a warm home without forcing your heating unit to work too hard, invest in better insulation. Plantation shutters will be able to insulate your home from cold. It will help you reduce the loss of heat through the window glass. Closing the shutters will add an extra layer of wood, making insulation even more effective. Added bonuses include decreased light and sound as well as flexibility.  Shutters will have the option to open or close the louvers. You can decide how much light you want in your home depending on how you adjust them.

An Extra Layer of Security
Privacy can be an issue in neighborhoods where houses are tightly packed together. Fortunately, plantation blinds can help! You can shut the blinds of your plantation shutters in order to close the outside off from seeing inside. Security may be an issue since anyone who passes by can see what’s going on inside your house. With some shutters, you will have an extra barrier between the inside of your house and the outside. Closing your shutters will give you that privacy and security from the outside world. During the day, they can be opened again for natural light. Since there are adjustable levers, you will be able to decide when you want and don’t want them to be open. They will not only prevent anyone from looking in, but they will prevent intruders from getting in. If an intruder somehow gets your window open, they will need to not only get past that glass but also the shutters. If you’re still concerned about safety, consider shutters that come with a metal lock that will make it harder for anyone to get into your home.

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